Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Buccaneers and Colts Mourn Dungy’s Loss

Tony Dungy’s son James died a few days before Christmas. The Indianapolis Colts and Buccaneers teams are mourning the beloved Dungy family’s loss and many attended the funeral proceedings. Both in Tampa and Indianapolis, Dungy is considered a great man, who treated his players as equals and encouraged them to be good role models through their actions. James was often seen attending practices his father coached and was sometimes even mistaken for a player because of his size. James was often called a gentle giant and many have expressed he will be sorely missed.

There is no word on when Dungy will return to coaching but he has gone public thanking everyone for their support and expressing his belief that his son is in a better place now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let the First String Sit Out

We have secured the division. The Colts have earned the bye for the first week of the playoffs. We got home field advantage. The Indianapolis Colts could sleep through their next two games and still come out Super Bowl champs in the end. Hopefully we are going to do exactly that. We don’t need to risk any injuries so I think we should put in the second stringers and let them get some field time. There is no reason to stress out or tire our players now that we can’t go undefeated. We should have the first string rested, practiced, and ready for our first playoff match up.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Colt Still Undefeated and Unstoppable

One could say this Indianapolis Colts team is perfect. They have dominated every team they have played and although they make it look easy, it isn’t. Great players like Peyton Manning push themselves hard during the week’s practices preparing for and studying the team they will meet the following Sunday. The Colts got their third straight AFC South title in their victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars and are now headed to face the San Diego Chargers next Sunday. It will be a challenge but I am sure the Colts will remain undefeated all the way to the Super Bowl and no one can stop them.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Peyton and Edgerrin Seal the Deal

The Indianapolis Colts met the Tennessee Titans on Sunday and extended their winning streak to 12 games. This victory was like so many others, a showcase of the unbelievable talent and precision of this Colts squad. Everyone contributed something to the game and as a team we made very few mistakes. Our defense managed to hold the Titan offense to a field goal and no touchdowns. Peyton Manning threw for three touchdowns and led this team well into their guaranteed playoff spot. Peyton is the backbone of this team and can always count on Edgerrin James to pick up a hundred yards and take the pressure off.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Peyton’s Hometown Heroes Score Again

There are way too many good things to say about the Indianapolis Colts. We have excellent coaches like Tony Dungy, top rated players and the number one offense in the game. We are still undefeated and held the Pittsburgh Steelers to one touchdown as we did in our first regular season game with the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns, Jaguars and 49ers scored only field goals never crossing the goal line. From here the rest of our schedule looks easy and it is realistic that we could go without a loss for the rest of the season and all the way to the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning has led this team to its best season ever and we see bright things for him in the future.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bengals, Done. Steelers, No Problem

Well there aren’t words for how ecstatic this fan is about the Indianapolis Colts. Who could ask for a better season? Trying not to jinx things, I will just say we looked great on Sunday in our 45-37 win over the division leader Cincinnati Bengals. Only the Broncos have scored that well against us and that was in the preseason. Peyton Manning threw for 365 yards, a season high, and three touchdowns. All three of those touchdowns were in the spectacular high-scoring first half. We are going into a game with the Steelers next Monday and their record is as good as the Bengals. We can’t let our guard down if we want to go 11-0. Tony Dungy is saying Pittsburgh is an important game for us and we are taking it very seriously.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Give Me More

There has been talk of Edgerrin James being a hold out when training camp comes around, but those are just rumors.

"I honor my contract. The season hasn't even started yet. I never said I wasn't going to play. I'm going to play, regardless.” - James
So even if he did hold out from training camp I wouldn’t expect James to hold out the entire season. James does want to play and will play. James would like a new contract probably will not get one anytime soon.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Arrested Development

Leave it to Tony Dungy to care about the character of his team. Now the Colts have been calling around trying to find a new place for free safety Mike Doss. To bad they waited for him to get arrested. His stock will probable drop now because of that, so it will be hard finding a suitor, maybe the 49ers.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Aggressive Matters

It was a good call drafting cornerbacks Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden. The Colts were in dire need of some secondary, which is why the first two picks were cornerbacks. And it was looking good for the Colts until recently.

Their first round draft pick Marlin Jackson is now being sued for $10 million dollars by Shahin Farokhrany for allegedly breaking a bottle over his head. Farokhrany has suffered permanent vision loss and is also seeking reparations for punitive damages.

Not a good start for the kid.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kick Away

Everyone remembers the loud mouth remarks that Vanderjagt made last season about the Patriots, right? Well I do and so do the Patriots and the Colts. I have good news though about the Colts 'classy' kicker.

That is, Vanderjagt will probable not be rejoining the Colts at the start of the 2006 season. The drunkard is not liked by much, not even Manning. Look for Dave Rayner to be the Colts kicker of the future.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Desicion Time

As training camp gets closer the Indianapolis Colts coaching staff will have a tough decision to make when they have wittle down the prospects at running back. Edgerrin James, Dominic Rhodes and James Mungro return to give offensive coordinator Tom Moore quantity and quality at the position. But Ran Carthon, who spent a portion of the '04 season on the practice squad, has looked good in off-season workouts. It will an all out battle at running back this off-season so stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Making Room

Some fans were left wondering about the departure of the all around talented tight end Marcus Pollard. Some fans could care less, but for the fans that do care as to why the Colts let him go; I believe I have the answer.

If anything the move was made to make room for third-year tight end Dallas Clark. Clark will be used in every down situation. The Colts will probably use less of the two tight end formation and concentrate more on the talented receiving core.

Clark still has some work to do with his run blocking and some work to do with his pass blocking but his upside is that he can do some serious damage in the passing game. Despite only having 25 catches in 2004; Clark was averaging 16.9 yards per catch.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Back Up

from Foxsports.com
RB Dominic Rhodes provides the offense with a reliable backup to three-time Pro Bowl selection Edgerrin James. Although James will remain the focal point of the offense, Rhodes represents a proven commodity should something happen to James. He's a powerful runner, has a burst and can be elusive. Rhodes has averaged 4.7 yards per carry during his career and displayed the capacity to be a feature back. As an undrafted rookie in 2001, he rushed for 1,104 yards and nine touchdowns. The only concern with Rhodes is his durability. He missed the 2002 season with a knee injury and has battled a chronic shoulder injury throughout his career.

Monday, April 25, 2005


The team achieved its objectives of upgrading the secondary and special teams and adding physical players. CB Marlin Jackson can be expected to start immediately. He brings size, hitting ability and an attitude. He is a sure tackler. CB Kelvin Hayden isn't as polished as Jackson, having switched to corner from wide receiver as a senior in college. But he has good ball skills and, like Jackson, is aggressive and physical. Each should be a major contributor on defense and special teams as rookies. DL Vincent Burns is a prototypical player for coach Tony Dungy's one-gap defense. Burns, who was an end in college, is undersized to play inside, but Dungy compares him to former Vikings star John Randle for his explosiveness and high motor. Burns should work well in a tackle rotation with veterans Montae Reagor, Josh Williams and Larry Tripplett.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Drafting Needs

The biggest need that the Colts have to fill is the middle linebacker position. Rob Morris has been the recent starter but remains unsigned; while Gary Brackett is sitting at back up he still is not a 16 regular NFL starter.

Expect the draft to bring the Colts several defensive players to make an impact right away; a line backer or two with a pair of corners, as well, and probably a running back in there some where. But look for the Colts to draft or at least concentrate on the defensive side of the ball when picking new talent on April 23.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Scouting Report

from Foxsports.com
High expectations will follow S Bob Sanders into his second year with the team. His rookie development was slowed as he recovered from a foot injury sustained during his senior season at Iowa and a knee injury suffered against the Chicago Bears. Despite playing in only six games, Sanders' impact was immense.

He finished with 39 tackles and two fumble recoveries, returning one 37 yards for a touchdown. Sanders' value, though, transcends the raw numbers. He's aggressive and a big hitter, and has a nose for the ball. His play is contagious. It remains to be seen if Sanders will hold his own in coverage, but there's no doubt his presence will be felt in run support.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Successor

from Foxsports.com
The team's admission that it will entertain trade proposals for "franchised" RB Edgerrin James doesn't necessarily mean the two-time league rushing champion will play elsewhere in 2005. A suitor must be willing to make James one of the league's highest-paid players at his position. But even if James returns for a seventh season, it's clear he isn't included in any long-term plans. That increases the importance of RB Dominic Rhodes proving he can be the answer. Rhodes recently signed a two-year, $4.75 million contract that kept him off the free-agent market and provided the team with a reliable option if James departs. Rhodes doesn't possess James' all-around talents, especially as a receiver or pass blocker. But he has been an effective runner when called upon. Rhodes is powerful, has a burst and can make tacklers miss. The only concern is his health. He missed the 2002 season with a knee injury and occasionally has been bothered by a shoulder injury. . . .

Don't rule out the team using one of its first-day draft picks on a running back to be James' eventual successor. Under that scenario, Rhodes could open the season as the starter while the rookie learned the ropes. It would be similar to how St. Louis handled its running game in 2004 with Marshall Faulk eventually yielding significant playing time to first-round draft pick Steven Jackson. . . .

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Moving On

from Foxsports.com
Thirteen players, including six starters, can become unrestricted free agents on March 2. Historically, the team has made retaining its own players a priority over dipping into the veteran free-agent market. In this instance, it will lose more players than it re-signs. The most likely departures among the prominent players are LG Rick DeMulling, MLB Rob Morris, FS Idrees Bashir, CB Nick Harper and, perhaps, backup RB Dominic Rhodes. DeMulling has developed into one of the better components on one of the NFL's premier offensive lines, but he might be too expensive to re-sign. Complicating his situation is the fact starting RT Ryan Diem also can hit the open market; re-signing both might be too expensive. The team seems better suited to replace DeMulling than Diem. . . .

During the 2004 season, rookie Jake Scott started nine games and rookie Ryan Lilja six games at the two guard spots. Neither compares to DeMullling at this point, but each possesses good upside. Morris has started 60 games the past four seasons and has been reliable, no more. There is no clear replacement on the roster, so his departure probably will require bringing in someone, either through free agency or the draft. Bashir has missed 12 games because of injury and has been inconsistent over the past three seasons, and the team has young players -- Bob Sanders and Mike Doss -- ready to assume starting roles. Harper's departure would extract 30 starts from the roster and leave the cornerback position in the hands of youngsters Donald Strickland, Jason David, Von Hutchins and Joseph Jefferson. A veteran presence would be required. Rhodes is a solid backup who envisions himself a starter. If Edgerrin James returns, Rhodes likely will want to see if he can use the free-agent market to find a starting spot. James Mungro should return, but he isn't suited to being a backup. Without Rhodes, a viable No. 2 running back would be needed.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kicking Problems

Guess who has the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history?

That’s right your Colts. Mike Vanderjagt has kicked for an average of 87 percent through out his career. That means he has kicked 223 field goals and has made194 of them, pretty well if you ask me. The real question is; will he be the Colts kicker in the 2005 season. If the Colts let him go, which is highly possible, it would count $2.87 million dollars against Indy’s salary cap.

The Colts are looking to make some cap room this off-season, and by cutting Vanderjagt the team can save up to $1.8 million dollars, but why cut the a player with so much to offer. Well for one, he is a trash talker and two, it is said he is a drunkard off the field. Plus he has been having problems with the long kick off. The coaches feel he isn’t stretching the ball far enough down the field.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Something to Prove

from Foxsports.com
CB Donald Strickland has the ability to be a difference-maker. But his body has betrayed him during his first two seasons in the league. Strickland missed five games as a rookie in 2003 because of a groin injury and spent the final 13 weeks of the 2004 season on the injured reserve list after undergoing shoulder surgery. All signs point to him being fully recovered in time for training camp. The team needs a healthy Strickland in the secondary, and he needs the work. Strickland is aggressive and has excellent ball skills. He had two interceptions while playing safety as a rookie and was expected to make major contributions as a corner in 2004.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Up the latter

In a minor move, Coach Dungy promoted Jim Caldwell from quarterback coach to assistant head coach.

It is felt, on be half of Dungy, that Caldwell's attention to detail is the reason for Manning’s ever growing success. Since Manning’s rookie season, his passing percent has increased from 56.7 to 67.6 and all credited is pointed towards Cladwell.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

No Excuses

There are no excuses for the loss against the New England. It wasn't the weather, or anything in that nature. I guess the Colts just forgot to play. I saw the game and personally I feel the Colts were outplayed.

In a 20-3 loss, it hurts; especially with you have the top rated off in the NFL and you’re picked as a favorite to win.

The Colts have no EXCUSES...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Trash Talking

"I think they're not as good as at the beginning of the year, not as good as last year, and I think they are beatable. We have to play well. There's no question about that. But I think we're going to come back Sunday night, headed to the AFC title game. I think they're ripe for the picking."- Mike Vanderjagt
Ok seriously, there is no need for a kicker to be speaking on behalf of the whole team. I feel that the Colts team has a lot more respect for the Patriots than that. After all, they are the defending Super Bowl champions.

I'm sure a classy-guy like Manning wouldn't approve of this comment. I wonder if Vanderjagt was sober during the comment. It has be said that he like to get liquored up ...

Either way you look at it, Go Colts.