Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Colts Continue Their Streak

I'm not too senile to remember our last unbeaten streak. Um, that would be 2005...or most of it anyway. What I didn't know until I read about it was that this year's start makes the Indianapolis Colts the ninth team in NFL history to begin two back-to-back seasons with 6 victories, no losses.

I think we can break out of that statistical pack and keep it going far longer, maybe all the way! Next week we'll have a worse challenge than the Washington Redskins though. The Denver Broncos are currently at 5 and 1 and they'll be gunning for us.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Indianapolis Colts-

According to a posting on the offical website for the Colts, as of today Corey Simon was added to the NFL Non-Football illness/injury list. Spokes person is not at liberty to comment in detail about Corey's condition in compliance to the Federal Medical privacy law as well as in respect and to Simon's privacy. What was offered however is that his affliction is due to an illness rather than an injury and has no relation to the knee surgery he under went this past August. Good Luck to Simon and his family, our thoughts are with you!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Indianapolis Colts Keep Their Cool and Their Streak

Whatever you paid for your tickets to Giants Stadium today, you got your money's worth, mainly in the last 2 or 3 minutes of the game. All the more so, if you were an Indianapolis Colts fan, of course, but there were some heart-stopping highs for the fans of the New York Jets as well. One of those came just after the Colts had gone ahead, when their score was answered by the Jets' Justin Miller running 103 yards straight back on the kickoff. That put the Jets ahead with only 2:20 left on the clock.

No problem for Peyton Manning. As he said later, there was no time to get mad or panic. The 2-minute drill that gets practiced all the time got us right back at 'em. Peyton did the 1-yard leap into the Jets' endzone himself.

Believe it or not, the Jets squeezed a batch of plays into the last 8 seconds! And but for the fumble we recovered at the end, who knows? This one ended at 31-28, and our 2006 season now stands at 4 and 0!